AirBnB Philippines

Camper & Cabin

Luxury AirBnB in Batangas, the Philippines

Camper & Cabin is a collection of modernist designed shelters perched atop a mountain ridge in Batangas, Philippines. It’s one of the few places in the country that celebrates modern design integrated into rugged landscapes. And with a helluva view.

The Philippines is blessed with a bounty of natural beauty, but unfortunately, there’s a real lack of design-centric, modern boutique hotels or AirBnB accommodations.

Camper & Cabin is the rare place that takes advantage of its natural surroundings and creates a holistic experience – as much as the accommodations are incredibly designed, it’s all about maximizing the incredible views of the surrounding mountains, fields, and even faraway ocean.

Camper & Cabin actually has a lot more in common with the Southeast Asian island aesthetic of boutique hotels in Vietnam and Bali – simple materials like concrete, glass and steel put the emphasis on the gorgeous surroundings and outdoor living.

And it has maybe the single best pool view in the Philippines.

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