Open-air, COVID-safe photography workshops.

Choose between a DSLR/Mirrorless camera session, or an iPhone camera session.

Focusing on fundamentals + some easy tips for better pictures!


Ready to improve your iPhone or SLR photography?

Photography is one of those things – very simple, but hard to get right.

This workshop breaks down some easy ways to get the most out of whatever camera you’ve got.

For DSLR/Mirrorless camera users, we’ll get to know your camera’s best settings to use, and go over some basic tips on how to create great pictures.

For iPhone users, we’ll go over my favorite tricks and strategies to make the most out of this powerful little camera.

Finally, we’ll go for a walk in the neighbourhood and put some of these ideas into practice.


LEVEL: This workshop is for enthusiastic beginners!


Outdoors, breezy and socially safe!

We’re lucky to have a beautiful covered rooftop with cool air and great light – the perfect setting for our workshop series.

Sessions are limited to 3 students and myself. Not only does this keep us safer, it makes for better, more personalized instruction!

Sessions are 2.5hours, 2:30pm-5pm.

iPhone Session: 3,000PHP / head

SLR/Mirrorless Camera Session: 4,000PHP / head


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